The NFMC Festivals Program is designed to give Junior (age 18 and younger) and Adult member musicians of all abilities the opportunity to perform and receive a yearly evaluation in a non-competitive environment.   Participation in NFMC Festivals promotes music study, stimulates interest in the musical literature of both the USA and the> world, and encourages each participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement.  The NFMC Festivals Cup Award Plan and Honor Certificates offer additional incentives to encourage continued participation in NFMC Festivals.



Linda Lind Sandra Preysz Lisa Smith Gloria Lien
Junior Division Chairman Festival Bulletin Editor Junior Festival Chairman Festival Cup Chairman
8905 Longmead Court 2174 E Lonsdale Drive 3774 Barbizon Cir S 6738 W Kimberly Way
Burke, VA 22015 Salt Lake City, UT 84121 Jacksonville, FL 32257 Glendale, AZ 85308
703.569.0014 801.944.1808 904.886.4188 623.561.2989



 Festival Forms

Items # Title Price Online
JR 2-1 Junior Festival Bulletin $6.00 Each (no)
JR 3-1 Junior Festival Transfer Information $.10 Each Download
JR 3-2 Getting to Know About Junior Festivals Brochure $.10 Each (no)
JR 3-3 Festival Summary Report $.10 Each Download
JR 3-4 Area Report of Festival Participants - Ratings $.10 Each Download
JR 3-5 Information for Festival Judges $.10 Each Download
JR 3-6 Rating Average Chart $.10 Each Download
JR 3-7 Festival Treasurers Report $.10 Each Download
JR 3-8 Festival Application Blank Free Download
JR 3-9 Festival Rating Sheet $.10 Each Download
JR 3-9A Festival Rating Definitions $.10 Each Download
JR 3-13 Specially Capable Junior Musicians Free Download
JR 3-14 Directives for Conducting Festivals $.30 Each Download
JR 3-15 Junior Start Up Packet $1.00 Each (no)
JR 3-16 Superior Rating 12+ Application Free Download
JR 3-17 Festival Poster $2.00 Each (no)
JR 3-20 State Certificates for Festival Participants $.05 Each/10+ $.04 Each (no)
JR 4-1 Application for Grand/Presidents Cup Free Download
JR 4-2 Festival Cup Award Application Free Download
JR 4-3 Festival Cup Price/Order Form Free Download
JR 4-4 Festival Cup Engraving Form $.10 Each Download
JR 4-5 Festival Cup Grand & Presidents Cup Order Form Free Download
JR 5-1 Junior Festival Improvisation Application Free Download
JR 5-2 Junior Festival Improvisation Rating $.10 Each Download
JR 6-1 Festival Theory Practice Test (Select Levels Below) $2.50 per packet (12 levels)  
  FESTIVAL YEAR 2015 Test Answers
  Level One Practice Download Download
  Level Two Practice Download Download
  Level Three Practice Download Download
  Level Four Practice Download Download
  Level Five Practice Download Download
  Level Six Practice Download Download
  Level Seven Practice Download Download
  Level Eight Practice Download Download
  Level Nine Practice Download Download
  Level Ten Practice Download Download
  Level Eleven Practice Download Download
  Level Twelve Practice Download Download
JR 6-2 Festival Theory Test (Must be approved by State Festivals Chairman) $2.50 per packet (12 Levels) (no)


 State Festival Chairmen

AL Pat Billups
AR Carol Ann Bone
AZ  Debbie Wiser
CA Geraldine Keeling
CO Donnette Joyal
FL Lisa Smith
GA Wendy Shaw
IA Lois Vander Zee
ID Melissa Warnick
IL Claudia Sewell
IN Helen Arffa
KS Betty Meyer
KY Bethany Watt
LA Kay Hawthorne
MD Shisa Suskey
ME Rosamond Phinney

Susan Wehinger

MN Stacey Voit
MO Chris Vitt
MS Carolina Whitfield-Smith
MT Tammy Duncan
NC Sammie Griffith
ND Michelle Kallod
NE Sharon Kazmieski
NJ Barbara Landi-Hause
NM Virginia Carpenter
NV Ariella Mak-Neiman
NY Sheri Neilson
OH Leah Kay Hogg
OK Larry Baldwin
OR Oliver Poida
PA Linda Maurhoff
SC Gilda Hendricks
SD Mary Sorenson (605-624-6604)
TN Lara Lawrence
TX Cathlyn Neidert
UT Sandra Preysz
VA Valerie Harris
WA Patty Pacelli
WI Kathy Baumgart
WV Ian Jessee

State Festival Cup Chairmen

AL Mary Ellen Sanford
AR Carol Ann Bone
AZ Deborah Leavitt

Geraldine Keeling

CO Julianne Hardinger
CT Joanne Kant (203-261-9160)
DC Hedy Bannon
FL Lisa Moore
GA Bobbie Satterwhite
IA Lucinda Lear
ID Paulette Richards 
IL Nancy Liley
IN Diane Witte
KS Betty Meyer
KY Carolyn Tuttle
LA Kay Hawthorne
MD Margaret Wagner 
ME Marita Gould 
MI Melanae Clark
MN Sarah Twedt
MO Anesa Cook
MS Terri Donald
MT Marilyn Brown (406-759-5133)
NC Tina Tramp
ND Bonnie Stromme
NE Cheryl Freeman
NJ Judith DeWette
NM Gina McKay
NV Heidi Elhalta
OH Judy Bede
OK Marilyn Bruce
OR Paula Whistler
PA Linda Waltermire
RI Margaret Devoe Gidley (401-438-7741)
SC Elaine Graybeal
SD Mary Sorenson (605-624-6604)
TN Barbara Hildebrand
TX Stephanie Black
UT Brooks Teeples
VA Suzanne Smith
WA Sheri Skidmore
WI Kathy Baumgart
WV Ian Jessee
WY Stess Stellpflug (307-532-3892)


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