Since the rules governing Adult Festivals is different as well as the cups (silver for adults) there can be no carryover of points from Junior to Adult festival.  As well adults do not have to progress in the same was and therefore we do not allow combining of solo and concerto points in the same year for adults.


First, we should clarify that ONLY state Festival Cup chairs can order cups.  Secondly, you may place an order through your state festival cup chair for one each of the 15 through 60 point cups for display purposes only.  Thirdly, states are allowed to order one each per state of the Grand and President’s cup to display at state meetings and conferences.


The trophy company has asked for a shipping expectation time of 4-6 weeks.  If after that time you have not yet received cups, check first with the state chair to find out when the order was placed.  Some missing cups have been due to a delay with the state chair ordering the cups or NFMC not yet receiving payment for cups.  The state chair can then contact NFMC Headquarters to find out when and where they were shipped.  Please keep in mind that no cups will be shipped to states who are delinquent in their dues payment.


The practice of combining solo with concerto points in a single year was to provide those students who have earned cups through 60 points, a chance to go even farther and receive recognition for the additional work of preparing more difficult literature.  For that reason the expectations for combining points is level and grade specific—the applicant MUST play a solo in Difficult I or above, the applicant MUST be in 9th grade or above, the concerto MUST be Junior III or above and the combining of points is limited to 4 years of high school.  In an effort to be fair nationwide, if these requirements are not met the application for a Grand or President’s cup will be denied.  I promise that the process is not as hard as following IRS guidelines for tax returns, and the consequences are certainly not as severe, but we are trying to provide a consistent and fair way to earn the most prestigious cups for all.


The Festival Cup program is administered in each state by the state Festival Cup Chairman who has been charged with ordering all cups, tracking the cups and verifying the points earned.  For this reason the signature needed on the Grand or President’s cup application form (JR 4-1) has to be that of the state Festival Cup Chair.  We will, however, make it clearer on the form that it is the state Festival Cup Chair whose signature is needed.  Applications that are obsolete or missing information will be returned for resubmission on current forms or complete and correct information.