The National Federation of Music Clubs is all about joining a local Music Club. Please check out your state federation website and see if there is an option near you. Otherwise, you can become an individual member and have access to many awards and be part of supporting American music and musicians.

Are you already a club or organization? An Associate Membership encompasses all age groups formed for the purpose of promoting a specific music project. It allows you to apply for club awards and offers your members the opportunity to apply for our individual awards. (Not eligible for participation in NFMC festivals)

Colleges and University affiliate memberships allow eligibility for club awards.  Student members can apply for individual awards. Click here for a list of existing College and University members.

For the performing musician…

(or the aspiring performer) NFMC provides a stage. Each year local, state and national NFMC-sponsored competitions showcase over 100,000 musicians and composers. Professional and amateur musicians alike benefit from the exposure they get through participation in local music clubs.

For the educator…

NFMC helps you in your ongoing efforts to promote music education and awareness in schools and in the community.

Through its community-based advocacy efforts, national support of music arts and education, and millions of dollars in competition awards, NFMC works to ensure that music continues to be an integral part of the American educational system.

For the music enthusiast…

NFMC is the ideal membership organization. Whether enjoying music at a local club function or promoting music through financial support, NFMC lets you express your appreciation for music in your own special way.

Involvement in local NFMC music clubs gives you a chance to make a real difference in your community.

NFMC leadership opportunities abound, and within these opportunities lies the personal recognition and sense of accomplishment that members want and deserve. With leadership comes responsibility. NFMC members understand the vital role music plays in society and welcome the special responsibility of keeping music an important part of the American cultural experience.

What will I get for my membership?

NFMC adds the collective strength of its state and local affiliates, and over a century of tradition and accomplishment, to your love of music, plus…

  • A chance to increase your opportunities to perform or enjoy the performances of others
  • Membership in NFMC at all three levels (local, state and national)
  • A subscription to NFMC’s quarterly magazine for senior members, Music Clubs Magazine
  • Special opportunities to participate in designated NFMC competitions for members only
  • Instant access to information on auditions, festivals, and other performance venues through NFMC’s website
  • A voice in the future of music in America’s schools
  • An opportunity to be recognized for your contributions through local, state, and national NFMC awards programs
  • Being one of more than 150,000 members in over 5,000 state and local groups

How might I be involved?

Membership in National Federation of Music Clubs gives you the chance to get what you want from music and a chance to give something back!

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Study and performance opportunities
  • Competitive awards
  • Local community arts programs
  • State Festivals for juniors and adults
  • Summer music camps
  • Music programs and universities and colleges
  • Music therapy and education programs
  • Legislation for music education, high music standards
  • Opportunities for musicians with disabilities and visual impairments.
  • Sacred and inspirational music
  • American Music Month observance each November
  • National Music Week celebration in May

More About NFMC…

NFMC, founded in 1898, is now the world’s largest philanthropic music organization supporting American music and musicians. It is one of three music organizations to be chartered by the United States Congress and the only music organization member of the United Nations. There are 6,000 NFMC-related organizations and music clubs nationally. Members are professional and amateur musicians, vocalists, composers, dancers, performing artists, arts and music educators, students generous benefactors and music lovers who are interested in creating a dynamic musical and cultural environment in their communities.