The NFMC Divisions provide a channel of responsibility and accountability. The Divisions are grouped according to types of activities, with a Division Chair, Department Chairs and Vice-Chairs or Chairs of a special activity, Regional Chairs, Committees, including Boards, Representatives and Official Personnel.


Each Division Chair coordinates the work of its individual Departments and Committees; chairs Division meetings; receives reports from Chairs; reviews the Goals and Methods, and submits them to the Coordinator of Division Activities; and is accountable to the NFMC President and Board of Directors.

The Department Chair or special activity Chair coordinates the work of Committees; chairs

Department and committee meetings; and reports to the Division Chair.
Chairs of awards perform the duties of conducting the award competition, authorize pay.

NFMC Divisions

Administrative Division
American Music Division
Arts Division
Competitions & Awards Division
Finance Division
Junior Division
Membership Division
Public Relations Division
Student Division

Administrative Division

Chair Frances Nelson
Bylaws and Rules Lana Bailey, Chair
Committee:  Lori Jessen, Dr. Ouida Keck, Laurie Marshall
Arts Advocacy Lee Ann Cummings, Chair
Committee: Ruth Fleming, Karen Herndon, Jeannine Morris, Dawn Steggerda, Lisa Whitesell
Policy Resolutions Deborah Freeman, Chair
Committee:  Harriet Coker, Debra Hughes, Carla Johnson, Linda King, Laurie Marshall, Linda Maurhoff, Carolyn Nelson, Liana Valente, Lisa Whitesell
National Headquarters Building Laurel Ince, Chair
Dr. George Keck, Vice Chair
Committee: Lana M. Bailey,  Deborah Freeman,  David Mannell, Carolyn Nelson, Linda Sabatino
Protocol Marcia Chaplin, Chair
Sandra Anderson, Vice Chair
Committee:  Harriet Coker, Jean Frazier, Barbara Hildebrand, Sara Kellar, Elaine Knight, Carol Larkins, Jeanne Morris, Ruth Morrow
Sergeants-At-Arms Chuck Blaser, Chair
William Elmore, Vice Chair
Chaplain Karen Herndon
Historian Christy Smith
United Nations Dr. Liana Valente, Representative
Office Committee Carolyn Nelson, Chair
Committee:  Debbie Barnes, Suzanne Carpenter, Deborah Freeman, Laurel Ince, Linda King
Parliamentarian Louis William Rose
Coordinator of Departmental Activities Harriet Coker
Archives  Dr. George Keck, Chair
Lifetime Achievement Award Deborah Freeman, Chair

American Music Division

Chair Karen Bourne
Regional Chairs Karl Morris, Northeastern
Jane Allard, North Central
Carla Jean Johnson, South Central
Dr. Mira Kruja, Southeastern
Ruth Fleming, Western
American Festival Chorus Selected by conference/convention chair
America Women Composers Lisa Whitesell, Chair
Folk Music Lois Armor, Chair
Jazz Music Wendell Anderson, Chair

Arts Division

Chair Dr. Ouida Keck
Chamber Music Lorraine Perry Long, Chair
Crusade for Strings Helena Meetze, Chair
International Music Relations Sandra Anderson, Chair
Music In Poetry Margarita Harvey, Chair
Regional Chair:
Bev Huckins, North Central
Bill Draper, Northeastern
Karen Grilk Noorani, South Central
Jeri Landry, Southeastern
Debra Hughes, Western
Music in Schools & Colleges Joel Adams, Chair
Regional Chair:
Robyn Vinje, North Central
David Mannell, Northeastern
Lynn McNew, South Central
Elizabeth Guest Martin, Southeastern
Wilma Hawkins, Western
Choral Music
Together We Sing
Music Outreach
Sacred Music
Penny Draper, Chair
Barbara Murray, Chair
Arlene Lewis, Chair
Karen Herndon, Chair
National Music Week Ellen Leapaldt, Chair
Regional Chair:
Ruth Morrow & Nathalie Steinbach, NE & SE Regions
Donna Kinslow & Deb Wiser, NC, SC & W Regions
National Music Week Essay Contest Jan Hansen, North & South Central & Western
Mary Ellen Ulmer, Northeastern 
Debbie Barnes, Southeastern
Opera Margaret Ulmer, Chair
Regional Chair:
Heidi Hong, North Central
Donna Gerber, Northeastern
Connie Craig, South Central
Carol Larkins, Southeastern 
Judy Prescott, Western

Competitions & Awards Division

Chair Dr. George Keck
Veterans Awards
American Music In Armed Forces Composition Competition
Anne Gannett Award for Veterans
Lucille Parrish Ward Veterans Award
Paul Brady, Chair
Emil & Ruth Beyer Composition Award Dr. Donald M. Hassler, Chair
Glad Robinson Youse Adult Composers Contest Marschnee Strong, Chiar
Alpha Corinne Mayfield Opera Award Margaret Ulmer, Chair
NFMC Ellis Competition for Duo Pianists Award Debbie Padula, Chair
Martha Marcks Mack Senior Vocal Award Sara Kellar, Chair
Thelma A. Robinson Award in Conducting President, Conductors Guild – Jan Wilson
Ruth Morse Wilson Handbell Choir Award Carole Langley, Chair
Vivian Menees Nelson Music Award for the Disabled and Visually Impaired Ann Stockton, Chair
PNP Virginia Allison Collaborative Award Kay Hawthorne, Chair
PNP Hinda Honigman Award for the Blind Elaine Knight, Chair
Young Artist Competition Melanie Perez, Chair
Category Chairs:
Woman’s Voice – Suzette Glenn
Man’s Voice – Daniel Seigel
Piano –Dr. Leon Whitesell
Strings – Dr. David Hays
Young Artist Presentation Starla Blair, Chair
Ouida Keck Award Laurel Ince, Chair

Summer Music Centers Awards

Chair Mary Ellen Nolletti
Representatives of Scholarships to Summer Music Centers:  
Aspen School of Music Linda King
Brevard Music Center Joel Adams
Brevard Music Center – Lucille Parrish Ward Award Dale Clark
Chautauqua Music School Ruth Ann McChesney
Chautauqua Music School – Eleanor Pascoe Award in Voice Ruth Ann McChesney
Chautauqua Music School – Peggy Hoover Bryan Award Peggy Bryan
Chautauqua Music School – Martha Marcks Mack Award Ruthann McChesney
Eastern Music Festival William Carroll
Stephen Collins Foster Music Camp – Eastern Kentucky University Sue Ann Reeves
Gladys Comstock Award Connie Hutchens
Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony Lee Meyer
Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony – Mary Prudie Brown Music Education Award Jean Moffatt
Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony – Martha Macks Marck Junior Vocal Award Carla Johnson
Interlochen Arts Camp Hazel Lawrence
International Music Camp Deborah Eraas
Junior Composer Institute Pat Grantier
Kniesel Hall Ellen Werner
Marrowstone Music Festival Alex Kyger
Meadowmount School Mary McGowan
Music Academy of the West Summer Music School & Festival Sarah Rowe Stretz
Ravinia Festival Steans Institute for Young Artist Terry Tennes
Rocky Ridge Music Center Karen Greenhalgh
Santa Fe Opera Angelica Plass
Sewanee Music Center Mary Ellen Nolletti
Simpson College Orpheus Festival Patti Abild
The Walden School Jonathon Thomas

Finance Division

Chair Carolyn Nelson
  Committee: Chuck Blaser, Suzanne Carpenter, Michael Edwards, Deborah Freeman, Dr. George Keck, Ellen Leapadlt

Deborah Freeman, Chair

Committee: Suzanne Carpenter, Kim Harvey, Barbara Hildebrand, Carolyn Nelson,

Founders Day Cynthia Elmore, Chair
Fund for the Advancement of Musical Arts Lana Bailey, Chair
Dr. Ouida Keck, Vice Chair
Fund for Awards Honoring Past National Presidents Cecil Fox, Chair
Insignia Jean Frazier, Chair
Investments Wendell Anderson, Chair
Committee: Perry Bourne, Suzanne Carpenter, Cecil Fox, Carolyn Nelson, Frances Nelson
Memorial and Recognition Fund Susan Tury, Chair
Past Presidents Assembly Irene VIle, Chair
Rose Fay Thomas Fellows

Patricia Howle, Chair
Sandra Beckham, Vice Chair

Tax Exemption Duane Langley, Chair

Rose Fay Thomas Fellows

1. Mrs. Jack C. Ward (Lucile)*
2. Mrs. E. P. Nelson (Vivian Menees)*
3. Mrs. Wilmot W. Irish (Barbara)*
4. Mrs. Hal H. McHaney (Beulah Hale)*
5. Mrs. Dallas Goss (Rowena)*
6. Mrs. Joseph H. Albrecht (Sophie)*
7. Mrs. Norman A Johnson, Jr. (Mary Grace)*
8. Dr. Ruth Halle Rowen*
9. Mrs. Charles W. Rasmussen (Ruth)*
10. Mrs. William B. Millard (Lucy)*
11. Mrs. Bruce Howar (Florence Esmay)*
12. Mrs. Claude Kirkpatrick (Edith)*
13. Mrs. Harry Gillig (Ann)*
14. Mrs. D. E. Christmann (Francis)
15. Mrs. Leroy W. Kranert (Veda) *
16. Mrs. Rex Brown (Bernice) *
17. Mrs. Norman H. Hanson (Lydia) *
18. Miss Gretchen E. Van Roy*
19. Mrs. Robert A. Dean (Floride) *
20. Mrs. Glenn L. Brown (Mary Prudie)*
21. Mrs. George Deen (Frances) *
22. Miss Ann McClure*
23. Mr. Kenneth Self *
24. Mrs. Eleanor Lieber Ray *
25. Mrs. Lamoine M. Hall, Jr. (Betty)*
26. Mrs. Clifton Bond (Marjorie)*
27. Mrs. Robert E. L. Freeman (Cornelia)*
28. Mrs. William B. Wilson (Irma)*
29. Mrs. Charles J. Davis (Edith *
30. Mrs. Glen M. Weakley (Emeline) *
31. Mrs. Dwight D. Robinson (Thelma) *
32. Mrs. Wayne D. Williams (Marion)*
33. Mrs. Sylvio Russo (Madeleine)
34. Dr. Bruce Howar *
35. Mrs. Ralph Reed (Margurette) *
36. Mrs. Fred C. Boyce (Elizabeth)*
37. Mrs. H. E. Miller (Mabry)*
38. Mrs. Arthur E. Reynolds (Ruby)*
39. Mrs. J. H. Kerns (Hazel)*
40. Mrs. Margaret E. Holan*
41. Mrs. Lynn Turner (Vera) *
42. Dr. Isabella Laude (Mrs. Walter)*
43. Mrs. Harold Walters (Dolores)
44. Mrs. Ralph Kinsman (Viola) *
45. Mrs. John H. Rhoades (Evelyn)*
46. Mrs. Doyle P. Smith (Ruth)*
47. Dr. Joseph Albrecht (Joe)*
48. Dr. Edward P. Nelson (Ed)*
49. Mr. Stillman Kelly*
50. Mrs. Lee Rinker (Dolores)
51. Mrs. Clayton B. Smith (Jenene)
52. Miss Marilyn Hardy
53. Judge Clifton Bond*
54. Mrs. Ben K. Wright (Nelly)
55. Mrs. D. Clifford Allison (Virginia)*
56. Mrs. Frank H. Walker (Jo)*
57. Mrs. Rose Zygmanski*
58. Mrs. Benjamin M. Thompson (Mildred)*
59. Mrs. Franklin D. Moore (Eleanor)*
60. Mrs. R. Keith Newton (Myrleann)
61. Mrs. W. Burke Neville (Marjorie)*
62. Mrs. Gilbert Stephenson (Margaret)*
63. Mrs. Kenneth Cribb (Dicksie)
64. Mrs. Rose Thomas Smith (given posthumously)*
65. Maestro Theodore Thomas (given posthumously)*
66. Dr. Katherine H. Mahan*
67. Mrs. M. Gordon Howle (Pat)
68. Onamae Ratcliff*
69. Mrs. Violet M. Clark*
70. Mrs. Mark Paul (Doris)
71. Mrs. Stephen L. Johnston (Eva)*
72. Mr. William B. Paullin (Bill)*
73. Mrs. Gerald M. Rowan (Anne)*
74. Dr. Jean Little*
75. Mrs. Emil Beyer (Ruth) *
76. Mrs. Ernest Grilk (Gloria)
77. Mrs. George A. Heimrich (Lucille)*
78. Mrs. George Ecklund (Shirley T.)*
79. Mrs. James W. Milne, Sr. (Nancy)*
80. Mrs. Ralph G. Suggs (Rose)*
81. Dr. Mary Helen Rowen*
82. Mrs. Phillip Johnson (Carla Jean)
83. Mrs. Jeff W. Fitzgerald (Kathleen)
84. Mrs. James A. Cannon (Sara)*
85. Mrs. R. Ligon King, Jr. (Rheba T.)
86. Dr. Marie Dunne*
87. Lilian G. Grauberg-Bein
88. Mrs. Marin E. Grothe (Ruth)*
89. Miss Mary Ann Paullin*
90. Mrs. Nathan H. Wooden (Helen)*
91. Mrs. Joan Adams King
92. Mr. Kenneth Morgan King, Jr.
93. Dr. Ruth DeCesare *
94. Mrs. Wauneta Gordon Howle *
95. Mrs. C. C. Joyner (Frances)*
96. Mrs. C. J. Pflieger (Patricia)
97. Dr. Marion Morrey Richter *
98. Mrs. Bob Jones, Jr. (Fannie May)*
99. Mr. Jack C. Ward *
100. Mrs. George P. Gregoire (Pam)
101. Mrs. Donald A. Morton (Joan F.)
102. Claire Frances Whitehurst*
103. Mrs. Opal Dutro*
104. Mrs. Dellon Bumgardner (Nelda)*
105. Ms. Jeanne C. Giese*
106. Mr. Wilmot W. Irish
107. Mrs. Robert Henderson (Louise)*
108. Miss Margaret Ulmer
109. Miss Mae Ruth Abbott (Red)
110. Mr. Frank Brasington*
111. Mrs. Josephine F. Shuler*
112. Mrs. Leo H. Whinery (Doris)
113. Mrs. Kenneth R. Moore (Sara Helen)
114. Mrs. Charles H. Hudson (Johnnie)*
115. Dr. Ouida Keck
116. Mrs. Odell Owens, Jr. (Vera Y.)
117. Mr. Vetal Flores*
118. Maxine Gruoner *
119. Stephen Z. Gruoner
120. Mrs. Mell Miller (Vivian)*
121. Mrs. Jane Abbott*
122. Mrs. Ray K. Wunder (Mary Anne)
123. Mrs. Ernest G. Fritsche (Neva)
124. Mrs. Doyle Dingus (Helen H.)*
125. Mrs. Billy R. McKelvey (Martha)
126. Mrs. J. R. Cleveland (Sara)*
127. Mrs. John H. Collins (Marie)*
128. Mrs. Patricia C. Wolsey
129. Mrs. Charles Clark (Mary Ella)*
130. Mrs. Gordon R. Maier (Odee)*
131. Mrs. Theobell Campbell*
132. Mrs. Zovak Najarian (Betty)*
133. Heidi Olson Hong (Mrs. Peter Olson)
134. Dr. Marilyn Cash
135. Mrs. Richard McCauley (Mary Jo)
136. Mrs. Malcolm D. McAuley (Beth)*
137. Mrs. Louise Rochester (Lois)
138. Mrs. Kay T. Hawthorne
139. Mrs. Elizabeth Paris
140. Mrs. Kenneth Burkhard (Maxine)
141. Dr. George Keck
142. Mrs. Barbara Hildebrand
143. Mrs. Charles Greer III (Angie)
144. Mrs. Carolyn Nelson
145. Marjorie Garrett (Mrs. Louis W.)*
146. Mrs. J. Vernon Hinely (Bonnie)
147. Mrs. Russell C. Hatz (Nancy)*
148. Mrs. William L. Duncan (Evelyn)*
149. Miss Margaret Beth Williamson*
150. Ms. Mary Helen Bowers*
151. Ms. Sara Flanagan
152. Mrs. A. L. Johnson (Nancy)
153. Mrs. Robert Earl Hicks (Judith Anne)
154. Mrs. Gilbert C. Fite (June)
155. Virginia Queen*
156. Mrs. J. Zuill Bailey (Lana)
157. Dr. Kenneth Burkhard
158. Carol S. Langley (Mrs. Duane)
159. Mary Angela Strasser (Mrs. Walter)*
160. Linda C. King
161. Ms. Elizabeth Grieger Wiegand*
162. Mrs. F. Marion Dwight (Annette)*
163. Mrs. Finnis J. Caldwell, Jr. (Marilyn)
164. Mrs. Alvin C. Hill (Jan)
165. Mrs. Leonard McKibben (Martha)*
166. Mrs. James C. Nelson (Frances)
167. Rebecka Bryan Driscoll*
168. Jeanne Hryniewicki
169. Mrs. H. F. Tweedy (Sara)*
170. Mrs. Lionel Lawson (Alia)*
171. Adele W. Crosett*
172. Mrs. Robert J. Andrews (Mary Leila)
173. June R. Knox (Mrs. Joe)
174. Mrs. Robert M. Westerfield (Stephanie)*
175. Connie Tuttle-Lill
176. Jean Moffatt
177. Eleanor Duke Avant*
178. Mrs. Paul Whitaker (Patricia)
179. Mrs. Paul Jett (Amy)*
180. Mr. Gordon Maier
181. Mrs. Ronald Bennett (Dortha)*
182. Mr. Ernest Walter Grilk
183. Mrs. Mary Heininger Moon*
184. Dr. Doyle Dingus*
185. Eugenia Schoch
186. Mrs. S. N. Cooper (Betty)
187. Gloria Galey*
188. Barbara O. Nester*
189. Elizabeth Lee
190. Theresa H. Scholz
191. Anne Braswell
192. Anita Schmitt
193. Loretta Hake
194. Madeline Kelly*
195. Mrs. Billy Smith (Margaret)
196. Linda Lind
197. Sandra Anderson
198. Dawn Lawrence
199. Mrs. William French (Caroline)
200. Leo H. Whinery*

201. Marie Yeates Ashton
202. Elaine Knight
203. Karen Greenhalgh
204. Gloria Thrasher
205. Mrs. Fred Boots (Patricia)
206. Mrs. Calvin Slater (Barbara)
207. Dr. Calvin Slater
208. Mrs. William Kissell (Ruth)
209. Claudia Sandifer
210. Sandra Preysz
211. Mrs. Robert Carroll (Shirley)
212. Dr. Zuill Bailey
213. Dr. Richard Brannon Cass
214. Mrs. J. Henry Tindal
215. Mrs. Dale Clark
216. Dr. Ruby Norris Morgan
217. Dr. Virginia S. Uldrick*
218. Ann H. Guest
219. Deborah T. Freeman
220. Marcia Flow
221. Helena Meetze
222. Myra K. Phillips
223. Charles Christmann
224. Dee Christmann
225. Dr. Marie Speece
226. R. Ligon King, Jr.
227. Dr. Fay Marie Hart
228. Harriet H. Coker
229. Hinda L. Honigman*
230. Michael R. Edwards
231. Margaret E. Hunt*
232. Ann Kay
233. Jimmie Walker
234. Diane P. Smith
235. Mrs. James E Tindal
236. Bobbye Guyton
237. Jackie George
238. Jodie Jensen
239. Cynthia Elmore
240. Susan Tury
241. Gilbert W. Nelson
242. Carolyn DeLane Shull
243. Ellen Leapaldt
244. Jeannine Morris
245. Karen Bourne
246. Richard Lind*
247. Wendell Anderson
248. Carole Flatau
249. Charity Gutierrez
250. Barbara Baugh
251. Bill Yick
252. Gay Dill
253. Cletis Williamson
254. Carol June Larkins
255. Jennifer Griffin
256. Mary Carolyn Watson
257. Ann Harrington
258. Antonia Winter
259. John Larkins
260. Laurel Ince
261. Joe Ince*
262. Joann Wdmer*
263. Shirley Christensen
264. Sara Kellar
265. Diane Williamson
266. Barbara Q. Trammell
267. Ruth Morrow
268. Virginia Bellew
269. Chris M. Ness
270. Connie Randall
271. Agnes Downie*
272. Marcia Chaplin
273. Janie Gilliam
274. Bob Gilliam
275. Joel Adams
276. Beverly T. Henderson
277. Dorene Allen
278. Norma F. Alexander
279. Lavonna Whitesell
280. Dr. Leon Whitesell
281. Melanie Perez
282. Ida Irene Vile
283. Mary Ann Bridges
284. Ann Stockton
285. Rich Westcott
286. Lisa Whitesell
287. Robyn Vinje
288. Cecil C. Fox, Jr
289. Jean Frazier
290. Sally Palmer
291. Karen Herndon
292. Starla Blair
293. Richard Hryniewicki
294. Gilda Hendricks
295. Suzanne Carpenter
296. Elizabeth Guest
297. Beth Harrison
298. Perry M. Bourne
299. Andrea Vinje
300.  Lori J. Jessen
301.  Louis William Rose
302. Lisa Smith
303. Pat Grantier
304. Sandra Beckham
305. Susan Rinkas
306. Mrs. Malcolm Fisher (Patricia)
307. Lynn Mcnew
308. Lois Armor
309.  Donnette Joyal
310. Savannah Turner
311. Melba Maechtlen


Members 1-42 are Charter Fellows*Deceased

Junior Division

Chair Michael Edwards
Junior Club Achievement Gilda Hendricks, Chair
Junior Festivals Bulletin Lori Jessen, Editor
Festivals Lisa Smith, Chair
Regional Chair
Bonita Blackburn, South Central
Bethany Watt, Southeastern
Barbara Murray, Northeastern
Mary Wescott, North Central
Hallee Viniotis, Western
Festival Database Sandra Preysz, Chair
Festival Cups Mary Jane Timmer, Chair
Junior Composers Contest Pat Steege, Chair
Regional Chair
Sharon Kaplan, North Central
W. T. Skye Garcia, South Central
Nanette Meyette, Northeastern
Joanie Pegram, Southeastern
Jodie Jensen, Western
Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Award James Schnars, Chair
Mary Alice Cox Award Matt Miller, Chair
PNP Robinson Ballet Award Gay Dill, Chair
Wendell Irish Viola Award Dr. George Keck, Chair
Angie Greer Music in Poetry Award Dr. Janie Gilliam, Chair
Martha Marcks Mack Junior Vocal Award Kristin Ivers, Chair
Stillman Kelley Awards & Thelma Byrum Award Nathalie Steinbach, Chair
Claire Ulrich-Whitehurst Piano Award Suzanne Carpenter, Chair
Marilyn Caldwell Piano Award Linda Lind, Chair
Music for the Blind Composition Award (Fowler) & Benzinger Award Lee Ann Cummings, Chair
Joyce Walsh Junior Disability Award Dr. John D. Kelly, Chair
PNP  Lana M. Bailey Piano Concerto Award Delores Blaser, Chair

Membership Division

Chair Natlynn Hayes
Individual Membership Jimmie Sinquefield, Chair
Junior Membership Michael Edwards, Chair
Student/Collegiate Membership Lucinda Lear, Chair
Senior Membership Natlynn Hayes, Chair
Course of Study/Program Planning Heidi Hong, Chair
Senior Yearbooks Patsy Whitaker, Chair
Senior Club Reporting & Evaluation Linda Flick, Chair
Senior Orientation & Leadership Training Ann Guest, Chair

Public Relations Division


Julie Watson 

Committee: Karen Greenhalgh,  Connie Randall, Marschnee Strong, Angela Teasley, Rich Westcott

Media Valerie Harris, Chair
NFMC Citations Beth Harrison, Chair
Centennial Chamber Commendation Dr. Zuill Bailey, Chair
Audio/Visual Equipment Dr. Zuill Bailey, Manager
Committee: Wendell Anderson, Terry Blair, William Elmore
Editorial Board Susan McDonald, Chair
Mary Wescott, North Central
Vicki Carr, South Central 
Mary Ellen Ulmer, Northeastern
Dr. Janie Gilliam, Southeastern
Wilma Hawkins, Western
Junior Keynotes Magazine Jeanne Hryniewicki, Editor
Music Clubs Magazine Lisa Whitesell, Editor

Student/Collegiate Division

Chair Lucinda Lear
Student/Collegiate Auditions Dr. Liana Valente, Chair
Student/Collegiate Composers Competitions Jim McCutcheon, Chair
Lynn Freeman Olson Composition Award James Schnars, Chair
Myrtle Mehan/Hazel Morgan Music Education Scholarship Karl Morris, Chair
Herman and Mary Neuman Award Dr. Judy Delzell, Chair
Lynn Freeman Olson Award in Piano Pedagogy James Schnars, Chair
Gretchen E. Van Roy Scholarship for Music Education Linda Vollen, Chair
Elizabeth Grieger Wiegand Award Dr. Paula Savaglio, Chair
Music Therapy Award — Ruth B. Robertson Award & Dorothy Dann Bullock Award Melba Maechtlen, Chair
Oscar Valentin Award in Violin Bobbie Satterwhite, Chair
Ernest Bluhm Flute Award Lisa Cremer, Chair
PNP Elizabeth Paris French Horn Award Cecil Fox Jr., Chair
PNP Carolyn Nelson Double Reed Award Tim Baumann, Chair

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