The NFMC Festivals Program is designed to give Junior (age 18 and younger) and Adult member musicians of all abilities the opportunity to perform and receive a yearly evaluation in a non-competitive environment. Participation in NFMC Festivals promotes music study, stimulates interest in the musical literature of both the USA and the world, and encourages each
participant to reach a high standard of musical achievement. The NFMC Festivals Cup Award Plan and Honor Certificates offer additional incentives to encourage continued participation in NFMC Festivals.

Junior Division Chair 

National Festival Chair 

Festival Bulletin Editor 

Federation Cup Chair

Festival Forms

JR 2-1Junior Festival Bulletin$10.00 EachClick Here
JR 3-1Junior Festival Transfer Information$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-2Getting to Know About Junior Festivals Brochure$.10 EachDownload 
JR 3-3Festival Summary Report$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-4Area Report of Festival Participants – Ratings$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-5Information for Festival Judges$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-6Rating Average Chart$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-7Festival Treasurers Report$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-8Festival Application Blank$.10 FreeDownload
JR 3-9Festival Rating Sheet$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-9AFestival Rating Definitions$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-11Festival Student Event History$.10 EachDownload
JR 3-13Specially Capable Junior MusiciansFreeDownload
JR 3-15Junior Start Up Packet$.10 EachNo
JR 3-16Superior Rating 12+ ApplicationFreeDownload
JR 3-18Junior Division Federation Festivals Procedures ManualFreeDownload
JR 3-19Festivals Dance ProceduresFreeDownload
JR 3-20Festivals Dance ApplicationFreeDownload
JR 3-21Festivals Dance Rating SheetFreeDownload
JR 4-1Application for Grand/Presidents CupFreeDownload
JR 4-2Federation Cup Award ApplicationFreeDownload 
JR 4-3Federation Cup Price/Order FormOnline Onlyhttp://nfmc.crownawards.com/
JR 4-5Federation Cup Grand & Presidents Cup Order FormOnline Onlyhttp://nfmc.crownawards.com/
JR 4-6State Federation Cup ReportFreeDownload 
JR 5-1Junior Festival Improvisation ApplicationFreeDownload
JR 5-2Junior Festival Improvisation Rating$.10 EachDownload
JR 6-1Festival Theory Practice Test (Select Levels Below)$2.50 per packet (12 levels) 
FESTIVAL YEAR 2021 – 2024TestAnswers
Level A PracticeDownloadDownload
Level B PracticeDownloadDownload
Level C PracticeDownloadDownload
Level One PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Two PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Three PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Four PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Five PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Six PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Seven PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Eight PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Nine PracticeDownloadDownload
Level Ten PracticeDownload Download
Level Eleven PracticeDownload Download
Level Twelve PracticeDownloadDownload
JR 6-2Festival Theory Test (Must be approved by State Festivals Chairman)$2.50 per packet (12 Levels)No

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