125th Year Celebration

NFMC celebrates 125 years! Thank you for the enthusiastic response to our Celebration logo. We’re thrilled to have a symbol to mark this milestone. We are also welcoming talented Juniors to submit cover art highlighting our 125th and our dates 1898-2023 to be displayed on upcoming Junior Keynotes. Although our Spring issue has a February 1st deadline – we’d love to get them as soon as you can.
In honor of this landmark, we’re asking every Junior, Student and Senior member to donate $1.25 toward our 125th Anniversary. Any remaining funds will be donated to the Fund for the Advancement of Musical Arts (FAMA). Clubs should collect donations and send a check to NFMC headquarters or upload funds to the NFMC website. Please indicate 125th Celebration on all checks.
 Did you see we have an Invocation Competition? Click here for information. We want to give our members (any age!) a chance to create our next Invocation in honor of this Celebration. The entry deadline is November 1st and the winner gets a $125 award.
We will be giving special recognition to those who choose to be 125th Celebration Sponsors by donating $125. Donations received by May 1st will be listed in the NFMC Convention program booklet in Norfolk, VA, but all donations will be accepted through the 2024 Conference. 
 We hope you will join us in celebrating this anniversary!