Junior Composer Regional & State Chairmen

(if your state is missing contact the regional chair)

Northeastern RegionJane Goldstein, Regional Chairman:  MARCH 1ST DEADLINE
Connecticut: Justine Macurdy, 203.322.8848 – FEBRUARY 1 DEADLINE
Indiana: Karri York  – JANUARY 31ST DEADLINE
Michigan: Nancy Elwart Mayette – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
New York: Brian Preston – JANUARY 30TH DEADLINE
New Jersey: Judy Dewette – FEBRUARY 1ST DEADLINE
Ohio:  Susan Carlock – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
Pennsylvania:  Deb Rodgers – JANAURY 15TH DEADLINE

North Central Region – Brenda Lewis, Regional Chairman:  MARCH 1ST DEADLINE
Ilinois: Mike Barnard – JANUARY 30 DEADLINE
Iowa: Lori Jessen – JANUARY 20TH DEADLINE
Minnesota: Sharon Kaplan – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
Nebraska: Nancy Schoen – JANUARY 20TH DEADLINE
North Dakota: Sharon Wesbrook – FEBRUARY 1ST DEADLINE
South Dakota:  Lori Jessen – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
Wisconsin: Jeanne Hryniewicki – JANUARY 20TH DEADLINE

Western RegionJodie Jensen, Regional Chairman:  MARCH 1ST DEADLINE
Arizona: Kathleen Glover – JANUARY 30TH DEADLINE
California: Naomi Sanchez – JANUARY 20TH DEADLINE
Colorado: Rachael Hutchings – JANUARY 21ST DEADLINE
Idaho: Robyn Wells McDonnell – FEBRUARY 1ST DEADLINE
Nevada:  David Skouson – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
New Mexico: Monica Demarco – FEBRUARY 8TH DEADLINE
Oregon: Aaron Bloom – JANUARY 6TH DEADLINE
Washington: Jim Kelsey – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE

South Central RegionSkye Garcia, Regional Chairman:  MARCH 1ST DEADLINE
Arkansas: Linda Kennedy – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
Kansas: Evelyn Falen – JANUARY 31ST DEADLINE
Missouri: Terry Blair – FEBRUARY 1ST DEADLINE
Oklahoma: Mary Ann Craige – JANUARY 21ST DEADLINE
Texas:   Sheree Naquin – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE

Southeastern RegionSusie Cook, Regional Chairman:  MARCH 1ST DEADLINE
Alabama: Marche Altom – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
District of Columbia: Muriel Horn – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
Florida: Sherry Pollock– NOVEMBER 15TH DEADLINE
Georgia: Gayle Vann – JANUARY 3RD DEADLINE
Kentucky: Maria Lerose  – JANUARY 20TH DEADLINE
Louisiana: Constance Carroll – FEBRUARY 1ST DEADLINE
Maryland: Allen Emerick, 301.724.0919, No Junior Composer Contest Offering
Mississippi: Leslie Rimmer – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
North Carolina: Elizabeth Huss – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
South Carolina: Kaylene Wilber – FEBRUARY 1ST DEADLINE
Tennessee: Janie Gilliam – JANUARY 15TH DEADLINE
Virginia: Nathalie Steinbach – JANUARY 20TH DEADLINE