Membership Division


Item # Title Price File(s)
ME 1-1 Individual Membership Application Blank Free Download
ME 3-1 Membership Recruiting Brochure $.40 Each
ME 3-11 Individual Membership Card $.05 Each
ME 3-12 Club Membership Card $.05 Each
ME 3-2 NFMC Guide to Membership $1.00 Each
ME 3-4 Membership Kit $.20 Each
ME 3-7 Privilege of Membership $.10 Each
ME 4-1 Organization Application for Membership Free Download
ME-1-3 NFMC Dues Chart Free Download

Orientation & Leadership

Item # Title Price File(s)
ME 3-10 Club President Handbook $1.00 Each
ME 3-3 How to Organize a Music Club $.15 Each
ME 3-5 Junior Counselor's Guide (See JR 3-15a, b, c, d, & e) Free
ME 3-6 NFMC Activities Brochure $.10 Each
ME 5-1 Book List of Approved Courses for Study $.75 Each Download
ME 5-2 Special Requirements for Yearbook $.10 Each Download
ME 7-1 Senior Club Music Appreciation Summary Form $.20 Each Download
ME 7-2 Senior Club Music Teaching Summary Form $.20 Each Download
ME-7-3 State Senior Club Annual Summary Form $.20 Each Download

Student Groups

Item # Title Price File(s)
ME 4-3 Student Division Extension Brochure $.05 Each
ME 4-4 Student Handbook In revision

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