The periodicals illustrated below are published by NFMC for its membership and are also available to the public by subscription.  The NFMC Interlude is a digital magazine.

You can view the content in each periodical by clicking on the title of the publication.  The NFMC Interlude can be downloaded for in pdf version that enables you to print and share. 


NFMC Periodicals



NFMC Interlude Magazine

NFMC Interlude is a digital only magazine.  This magazine is intended to give pertinent information that happens between the Spring and Fall printing of Music Clubs Magazine and Junior Keynotes Magazine.  You can download a pdf version by clicking here.  

Music Clubs Magazine
Jean Moffatt, Editor
PO Box 791, Seminole Texas 79360

Music Clubs Magazine is published three times a year (Winter., Spring and Fall). The subscription is included in senior member dues, or $7 for non-members.
  • National, State and Club News
  • Program Guidelines
  • Competition Information, Announcements
  • National and International Music Releases and Updates
  • Meeting and Performance Announcements
  • Winner Profiles and In-depth Biographies & Leadership Profiles
  • Information articles, i.e., recruitment parliamentary procedures, copyright law, club organization & administration


Junior Keynotes Magazine
NFMC Headquarters Office, Editor
1646 W Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN 46142

Junior Keynotes is a pedagogical magazine for Teachers, Students and Parents, published three times a year ( Winter, Spring and Fall). The Subscription cost is $6.

  • Junior Festival Information and Updates
  • In-depth Biographies of Famous Composers
  • Competition Announcements
  • Winner Profiles
  • Junior State and Club News
  • Performance Techniques/Instructional Aids

Information for Advertisers

Jennifer Griffin, Advertising Chairman
1646 W. Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN 46142
Telephone: 317.882.4003
Fax: 317.882.4019


Music Clubs Magazine is written for the National, State and Local Club Senior NFMC Members, educators and advisors, students and other interested individuals. Senior members refer to the magazine for program and competition announcements, and informative articles on recruitment, management and administration.

Advertising Rates for Music Clubs Magazine      
  1X 2X* 3 X*
Two-Page Spread $1,200 $2,113 $2,837
Full Page $664 $1,135 $1,483
Half Page $362 $543 $694
Quarter Page $185 $305 $398
Eighth Page $103 $175 $224
Cover Rates (if available on inside covers)    



Junior Keynotes Magazine is a pedagogical magazine written for teachers, junior counselors and students. The publication provides accurate up-to-date information on festival and competition guidelines and policies, pedagogical information, new teaching resources, materials, competition winners and important junior announcements.

Advertising Rates for Junior Keynotes Magazine      
  1X 2X* 3X*
Two-Page Spread $905 $1,450 $2,052
Full Page $422 $724 $993
Half Page $241 $422 $484
Quarter Page $120 $218 $278
Eighth Page $60 $108 $139
Cover Rates (if available on inside covers)


Combination Rates      
  1X 2X 3 X
Two-Page Spread $1,600 $2,600 $3,500
Full Page $825 $1,400 $1,775
Half Page $450 $765 $925
Quarter Page $225 $390 $495
Eighth Page $115 $200 $270

Mechanical Specs:
(Sizes are approx. and applies to both Music Clubs Magazine and Junior Keynotes)

Two-Page Spread 17 1/2″ X 11 1/2″ (Full Bleed)
Full Page 7 3/8″ X 9 3/4″
Half Page Horizontal (1/2) 7 3/8″ X 4 7/8″
Half Page Vertical (1/2) 3 5/8″ X 9 3/4″
Quarter Page (1/4) 3 5/8″ X 4 7/8″
Eighth Page (1/8) 2 3/4″ X 3 1/2″
Trim Size 8 3/8″ X 10 7/8″
Type (live) Area 7 3/8″ X 9 3/4″
Paper Stock:  
Music Clubs Magazine and Junior Keynotes
Cover: Self Cover. Gloss 60 lb text  


Material Submission

Please check with Editor & Advertising Chairman before submitting materials.

Send materials directly to the Editor (see editor information above)

Electronic submission (is preferred) must be camera ready.

Data Transmission: Email or mail 3.5″ floppy disks, Iomega Zip 100 disks or CD-ROMS.

Payment must be received before ad is processed

Submit Contract along with payment to:
Jennifer Griffin,
1646 W Smith Valley Road, Greenwood, IN 46142

General Terms & Conditions

  • Advertisements are subject to the publisher’s approval
  • NFMC reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement that does not meet NFMC standards, for any reason, at any time
  • In consideration of the publisher reviewing for acceptance, the advertiser may not make any promotional reference to the NFMC or its members in any way except with prior written permission of NFMC
  • Cancellations of advertising must be in writing and are not accepted after the closing date. NFMC is not responsible for any discrepancies or errors in advertisements supplied by advertisers, agents or agencies

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