2016 - 2020 Festivals Bulletin Adjustments

Sandra Preysz, Bulletin Editor

The green July 2016 - June 2020 Bulletin is to be used for all Festivals beginning July 1, 2016.  (The blue 2014-2015-2016 Bulletin is no longer in effect as of July 1, 2016.  This is an adjustment from what is printed in that Bulletin and was made to bring all Festivals into alignment with the Festival year.) 

This list will be constantly evolving.  Please check on the website regularly for updates.  

Sometimes catalogue number and publishers change, especially when a piece by a self published composer is picked up by a publishing house once the piece is selected for the Festivals Bulletin.

A selected piece may be in a different collection or a single sheet.  If it is EXACTLY the same music as listed in the Bulletin, the other edition is acceptable.




Elementary Class IV

     Rejino, Mona       Shimmering Sea       Delete   (also listed at Moderately Difficult 2 which is correct)


Difficult Class I
     Bober, Melody The title Mississippi River Adventure has been changed to Minnesota River.
          MINNESOTA RIVER VALLEY collection, still catalogue # 41026 ALF
               The change in title was made by Alfred after Bulletin was published so the first printing has the title “Mississippi
               River Adventure”;  second printing is with the title “Minnesota River”. Alfred apologizes for the confusion



Junior Class II

      Alexander, Dennis          Concertino in D Major is a 1 movement work.   (not 3 as listed)

                                                  The complete work including Cadenza is required.

      Mozart, Wolfgang           Concerto No. 6 in Bb, K 238       Correction:  ASE or HL50262130

      Mozart, Wolfgang           Concert Rondo in D Major, K 382   Correction:  ASE or HL49010233


Junior Class III

      Shostakovich, Dmitri     Concerto No 2 is Op. 102 (not Op. 103 as listed for mvt. 2 and 3)




Primary I

     Gaynor, Jesse       March of the Wee Folk       Delete       Out of print

Moderately Difficult Class I

     Bizet, Georges/Simm       Carmen      Selection #3, or 5, or 7




The correlation requirements between Piano Solo/Hymn are suspended.

They are guidelines, but are not required.

Class II
    The tune Lowry should be listed as All the Way (G) (Lowry)

Class V
    Delete the tune Resurrection (Gaither) Add Slane (Eb) Anonymous

Clarification Regarding Piano Hymn Playing Event Hymns are often published in different keys among the various hymnals on the market.  The key of the hymn is a factor in the level of difficulty. In order to prevent the simplification of more difficult hymns to easier key, specific keys were designated on the required list.  

Some websites have the capability to transpose the hymns on their site into any desired key. These sites can be utilized to obtain printings of the hymn in the requisite keys. These documents are not photocopies, but legally obtained printings. The hymns are in the public domain and can therefore be modified as desired.

Listed below are three sites that transpose hymns. This list is by no means exhaustive. Some of the major digital sheet music distributors also have hymns among their listings.  These sites are specific to hymns. You may need to download the Sibelius Scorch plugin for your browser in order to be able to view and transpose hymns. (Your computer should prompt you if this is necessary.)

  • Hymnary.org Use the search box to search by title or hymn tune. Some hymns are free to transpose and print. Other hymns require the purchase of a FlexScore (choose the Accompaniment version) for $1.99 (two copies necessary).
  • LDS.org/music Click on “Books & Collections” then “Hymnal”. Select “Tune Name” from the right side navigation bar. Free.
  • TimelessTruths.org Click on the “Music” tab on the left side. Use the search box or click “All” to see a complete listing of titles. Free.



The correlation requirements between Piano Solo/APFS are suspended.

They are guidelines, but are not required.


Advanced Class

    Aaronson, Sharon  Battle Hymn of the Republic

        Correct edition for Advances Class is SPIRIT OF AMERICA     20770   ALF


    Aaronson, Sharon  The Star Spangled Banner. Delete

        (This piece is correctly listed at Very Difficult Class)


The required repertoire list is specifically for piano.  The class is determined by the level of difficulty in the specific arrangement listed.  Many pieces are listed multiple times but each is a different level of difficulty.

For instruments other than piano, the area Festival is responsible to make sure that the required and choice piece are the correct level of difficulty. 



Rule #1.   NFMC Festivals Committee has revised as follows:  Entrants may enter Organ Repertoire, Sacred Organ and Hymn Playing Event each year. 

(Entrants are not limited to one organ event per year.  Alternating between the three organ events for an “Organ” Cup was not approved.)



Primary III

      Bach, J.S.    Marche/BARBER:  SOLOS FOR YOUNG VIOLINISTS, VOL. 1                  Delete   

                           (also listed at Primary IV which is correct)

      Bach, J.S.    Musette/ SUZUKI VIOLIN SCHOOL, VOL. 2   (NOT Vol. 1 as listed)                 



       Marki, K.    Waves/STRINGSONG FOR VIOLIN AND PIANO     Delete    Out of print




Advanced Class

    Add the following:

      Cohen, Jeremy                  Stylistic Duets for Two Violins, any one      Violinjazz Publishing

      De Beriot, Charles            3 Duos Concertante Op. 57 for 2 violins,  any one mvt.       G Schirmer

      Mozart, Wolfgang            12 Duos, Op. 70, any one mvt.   (Litoff Collection)     Litoff Verlag

                                                   PE L02111a (Nos. 1-4) 

                                                   PE L02111b   (Nos. 5-8)

                                                   PE L02111c   (Nos. 9-12)

      Wienizwski, Henryk        Etudes Caprices, Op. 18   (any one etude)   IM2722      International Music Co




Junior II

       Benda, Jifi Anton      (not Benda, Frantisek)     Concerto in F Major




Primary III

          Bach, J.S.      Menuet from Anna Magdelena’s Notebook,

                                 DUNCAN, THE STUDENT CELLIST 

                  This Menuet is on page 5, in C Major.

                  It is the same Bach Menuet that is in Suzuki, Book 1.



Difficult II

        Poulenc, Francis      Sonata, mvt. 3           (mvt. 1 is correctly listed in Difficult I)



         Violin Duet, Three Violins, Four Violins

         Two Violas, Three Violas, Four Violas

         Two Celli


        Violin – Viola Duet

         Violin – Cello Duet

         Viola – Cello Duet

         String Trio  (Violin-Viola-Cello)

         String Quartet (2 Violins-Viola-Cello)

Progression for all string instrument ensemble and chamber events listed above

Regardless of the rating received, entrants may play in each class for two years provided different selections are played each year.




        Composer is NOT Herbert, Victor    It should be listed as Lehar, Franz.


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